EMK collection, fixtures come alive!

A broad and diversified overview of the architectural achievements that adopt EMK fixtures demonstrates how the right window integrates decisively in every project. Here you can see the architectural and furnishing applications of the many construction types of fixtures available. As for the windows, tilt and turn, French doors with lowered and non-lowered thresholds, wasistas, sliding parallel or lifting, inclined, arched, porthole windows, through handles, bay windows, fanlights, underlights and more. Windows with anti-burglary hardware, with false maneuver, with micro-ventilation. As for the darkening elements, shutters, with fixed open, closed or adjustable slats, shutters and doors of various shapes and styles. And then entrance doors of various shapes and styles, double glazing and triple glazing with tempered, stratified, acoustic glass; Stopsol, Selettivi Energy, glazing bars, internal shutters, handles in different materials and finishes and other complementary accessories such as mosquito nets, window sills , roller shutter boxes ... and more, to design freely.

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