Quercia, Sablé, Materica
Pellicolatura 3D
Veneziane Pellini

Reality effect, 3D perfection
EMK adopts 3D processing for the PVC film finishes: a film passage also covers those parts, frame, door and rabbet, not visible when the window is closed. For a better aesthetic consistency and an elegant realism of wood effects.

Roboquattro, elegance from Colombo Design
Roboquattro is the handle reserved for the high-end systems of the EMK range, on demand for the other systems. Made of the exclusive and certified Cromall alloy, with slender and ergonomic grip. Available in ottone lucido or cromo satinato finishes, with a ten years guaranteed protection.

Super Spacer, high performance
The perimeter spacer in silicone foam with desiccants, Super Spacer, triple sealing between the glass sheets, ensures a better seal to any gas dispersions, to the passage of moisture and improves the performance of thermal and acoustic insulation of the whole window.

The lacquered that smartly furnishes
The preciousness and brightness of new lacquered finishes in line with the latest aesthetic trends, all on white tones, the Avorio and Tortora, to make the windows even more coordinated to the interior design. The lacquering is carried out on wood profiles already assembled for a perfect result even in the corners.

Brushed finishes
The new brushed finish options enrich the aesthetics of multiprofile and wood windows EMK, highlighting the material texture of the wood, its tactile feeling.

Prestige line
Colors and finishes, including wood and material effects, to dress the aluminum fixtures of EMK with fashion and originality: Douglas scuro, Rovere sbiancato, Rame morato and Ghisa.

Pellini's ScreenLine, glass panes with venetian
Integrated solar control: the glass panel Pellini is equipped internally with an adjustable venetian, with manual or electric control, which doesn't affect the insulating properties.

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