A conscious choice

EMK has always focused on windows capable of responding to the real and conscious needs of users, i.e. people: well-being, conservation of the investment made for a home, aesthethic satisfaction and energy saving. This "immediate", practical approach to the matter windows is combined with comprehensive technical and specific expertise, necessary to obtaining the maximum in each model of each product family: Mixed-materials windows, Wood windows, PVC windows and Aluminum windows. EMK products comply with the European Directive on construction products (CE marking) and in particular the windows are classified according to the UNI 14351, fixing the levels of permeability to air, water tightness and resistance to wind load. The shutters are in compliance with UNI 13659 which determines the levels of resistance to wind load.

Friendly Counseling Service
For information and specific suggestions on individual cases, EMK is available by filling the Enquiry Form on the Italian website.

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