The windows builder

A solid choice: EMK is known as the founder of the technological development of the windows since the fifties, with the invention of the first mixed materials models, able to improve the energetic performance by solving the connection problems between different materials, such as wood and aluminum. This technical vocation for windows and their design was well received by the market, it has expanded and now consists on three production sites, each with its own dedicated technologies, as well as a headquarter, devoted to research and development, and on a wealth of products which includes, in addition to mixed-materials windows, wood windows, PVC windows and aluminum windows, all designed to improve thermal and energetic balance of the buildings.


Real Guarantees

EMK guarantees its products for a period of 15 years. The Warranty Certificate can be downloaded by accessing the Consumer Area of the Italian website reserved to consumers and designers. The EMK windows are also covered for ten years against liability for damages resulting from product defects.


UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification

EMK has chosen the certification body DNV, Norwegian, but present in 100 countries, a leading organization recognised for its professionalism and prestige. The quality management system of the EMK Group is steadily compliant with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001, as certified by the same DNV.

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